About Today’s 200

I am lucky to meet remarkable people, travel to interesting places and learn from unique situations.  This blog is my avenue to share gratitude for these incredible opportunities that life has granted and pass them along to others.

The world may not need more content as social networks and influencer platforms generate enough distractions to fill a lifetime.  With that said, there is no limit to the needs of a thoughtful perspective in a digestible format.  A friend encouraged me to share a daily thought in short form.  200 words or less seems like an appropriate limit to discuss a topic and get a reader to approach their day slightly differently.  Topics include life philosophy, business anecdotes, motivation, purpose, running, horology, nutrition and many other topics where I am not an expert… but that never stopped anybody on the internet before.

By day I do work in the technology space, do some angel investing, a bit of public speaking, run some ultra-marathons, collect timepieces and geek out on both history and philosophy.  I don’t subscribe to organized religion nor do I want to get involved political turmoil as that’s better left to the networks. 

Thank you for reading,

Marc Grabowski


What People Say

What you kids need is a good depression!

– My father when I asked for a pack of Hubba Bubba in 1985

Run if you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to but keep moving forward.

– Dean Karnazes paraphrasing MLK

You are the room you’re in.

– Burt Cooper to Don Draper in Mad Men

Let’s build something together.