Entitlement or Disloyalty in the NFL

Sundays are for football.

This season in the NFL seems to have hit a high (or low depending on how you look at things) related to players demanding trades, skipping practice or for the infantile behavior when things don’t go their way. 

Generally in conversations, people seem aligned with the with the notion that some NFL players are acting a touch entitled.  Many would argue that these players make enough money and should be happy they are getting paid so handsomely for playing football.  I wouldn’t make that argument as players provide a service that generates revenue.  Owners pay what they feel is fair market value for the outcomes they, in part, drive… this is another argument for another day.

My concern is that these players who say they have a problem with ownership, the franchise, the NFL or a litany of other issues are actually quitting on their team members.  When talks of trade start taking place around these players, Should players from other teams join together and ostracize the players who have already shown that they are disloyal to team members? Would that create a positive change.