A Tale of Two Headshots

People often give me flack for my two headshots, one that is used for my professional profile and the other for my personal profile. They were taken on the same day and one is more serious than the other. Take a guess which was the less serious one… one hint, rubber chickens are not generally seen as serious props. 

My professional headshot is a good mix of smug and patronizing with a hint of lightheartedness.  While I can see the humor in it, I clearly like it and feel it portrays me in the image I’d like the world to see me.  That’s the beauty of a great headshot photographer.  They accentuate the things that you like about yourself, hide those you don’t and make it look authentic while at the same time the entire experience is completely contrived.  The day that shot was taken I remember showing up in a bulky fall sweater, jeans and sneakers.  I changed into my nerd gear and posed for a bunch of photos.  There were at least three changes of clothing and more haughty, arrogant looks than most people could fit into a lifetime.

How do you see the world seeing you?

A tale of two headshots

Credit: Special thanks to Rick Bern for all of his great photography work over the years. https://www.rickbernphotography.com/

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