Make a Big impact in a SMALL way

As youngsters, we are all going to change the world by doing big, great things! We will be astronauts, deliver massive keynotes to stadiums full of people eager to be influenced or we will make the world’s most memorable music that will forever be referenced alongside the Beatles Anthology.

Fast forward a few years: Ed Sheeran never invited you to open for him, NASA pretty much shut down and you like terrible in a black turtleneck on stage. Eventually, we learn that our destiny is not this level of greatness and an early mid-life crisis sets in.

How can you make a difference?

Ask the ticket agent at the airport how their day is and get them a coffee unsolicited.  Check in on the runner next to you in your next 5K to see what influenced them to enter the race. Truly be present and listen when a colleague says they’ve had a tough day.

Small things add up and though they don’t necessarily make a massive difference to you at a given time, they will make a big difference to those who you encounter through your days. If we all do this a little more, the world will change.

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