Perspective: A Powerful Antidote?

It’s funny to think about how much we longed for that first car that caught our eye in high school or mourned our first breakup or feared the first mile we were forced to run in gym class.  All of these firsts represented monumental events in our lives and we likely remember them with a level of humor all these years later. 

That car was nice until we made a more comfortable living and a more luxurious model caught our eye.  That first girlfriend lost likely eased into the recesses of our brains when a better fit came along.  And that first mile seems quite irrelevant after we have done many more miles through life.  In all cases, the object of our attention (apologies for being crass) stays the same but our position relative to the subject changes.  Our tastes change, expectations change and measurement of “good” become subjective measurements. 

Technologists try to future proof technology until planned obsolescence makes business sense.  How can we future proof the way we will feel about objects, relationships and drama that enters our life? Is it worth trying or will the absence of desire and loss be worse than the loss itself?

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