Toys R Us

Apparently Toys R Us relaunched a website.  This brand of the defunct brick and mortar store brings back so many great memories for anybody my age.  The day that Toys R Us closed was a sad day as it represented hope and imagination for so many during childhood.  Yes, the talking giraffe was a little creepy, but we take the good with the bad.

My best memory of Toys R Us was when the original Nintendo gaming system had become incredibly popular. The system cost $89.99 or an additional $10 if you selected Duck Hunt and got the required laser gun – a must have despite the fact that nobody ever played duck hunt.

My father was frugal but knowing that it was a winning hand, he bet me that if the soccer team for whom I played goalie, only allowed two or under goals in the upcoming tournament (four games), he would buy me the upgraded Nintendo system and an extra game.  By some stroke of luck and Jason Doherty’s incredible skills as sweeper, we allowed only one goal that weekend. My father kept his word and it was off to Toys R Us to buy my gaming system.

Toys R Us in the 1970s

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