Recover Harder!

Recovery is as important an element as is training for long-term success.  This is the case in sports such as running and in business. 

At the beginning of our careers, hobbies, passions or sports, is easy to be swept away dedicating dedicate every ounce of our energy to one goal, success!  We want to be the best and the one item we feel we can control is effort.  Working more hours, running more miles  and subscribing to the NO DAYS OFF doctrine shows significant results in our early days.  I for one, prided myself on taking just nine vacation days in as many years early in my career and attributed much of my success to this unshakable work ethic.  I did the same as I prepared for my first marathon. 

My nine year job definitely led to burnout and I was very injured during my first marathon having ingest Advil like candy. My problem was that I needed to recover, not work nor train.

Recovery is when we rebuild, muscularly and mentally.  It helps us reset for the next big push. Now, after a big project, deadline, race or presentation, I schedule downtime to reset for the next big thing.

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