Phases of Collecting

Collectors go through many phases before they get to the final phase where they quit the hobby.  These phases normally start with a slight interest in a topic and then a well thought-out first acquisition.  Soon, they learn how one brand or model differentiates from another.  This is the feature differentiation and usually the quality differentiator. 

Collections start with what one can afford and then become mainstream and then the need to differentiate arises. 

Next you land in the land of rarity. How few were made? How few exist?  How hard is it to get? 

Eventually we end up collecting something so rare, obscure and outlandish that we are the only ones who can appreciate it.  Depending on how fast you reach this level of collecting, you either become a savvy and differentiated collector or find yourself acquiring collectibles that are appreciated only by you. Probably not an issue unless you decide to liquidate your collection and have issues finding a buyer.

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