Customer Success Lessons from Holmes on Homes

From the archive:

This weekend I sat inside my well-constructed sunroom protected by the winter elements by a fire burning in the hearth below a securely mounted television. Speaking with friends and family in the Northeast who have been bombarded by countless feet of snow, quality of construction against the elements is not lost on me. Fittingly, HGTV’s Holmes Making it Right (previously called Holmes on Homes) television show was playing in the background and summoned simple customer success principles that every SaaS company needs to cherish.

HGTV’s description of the Holmes Making It Right TV show reads as follows:
Mike Holmes can fix just about everything. His motto reads: “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” And that definitely applies to his home renovation work, which is featured in this series as he and his crew rescue homeowners victimized by shoddy contractors.

Any entrepreneur understands the need to move quickly, generate volume of business and have teams who are self-reliant to get their jobs done…

Read full article on Linked In Here.

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